What ARE Trumps Plans for the VA System?



Does anyone know about Trump’s plans for veterans? The question wasn’t brought up in the debates, and he didn’t mention it in the rallies I have watched (on YouTube).

My husband is a 33 year old severely disabled veteran with service-connected neurological disabilities.

He can not work, and the VA doctors (who are overworked, understaffed, and burned out) have not been able to figure out how to help him (in the 8 years he has been their patient). He cannot drive, he cannot walk without aid, and he can no longer talk without stuttering (he had never stuttered or had any other neurological issues before).

We have gone from (my husband) having a great paying job with career opportunities, to being on food stamps and on the verge of foreclosure. (Because of his MILITARY disability)

My husband needs to see a doctor, and the VA ones aren’t cutting it. (While deployed he had an ingrown toenail, and they put him to SLEEP for 4 hours…) They told him later they had used him for ‘training’…

I tried calling the “marketplace” the other day to get us insurance and was told it would be $375 a month +deductible for JUST MY HUSBAND AND I (our 4 kids not included). I lol’ed, since that was a laughable amount for someone on FOOD STAMPS to pay.

I plan on voting for Trump regardless (because a vote for Trump = a vote against systemic corruption), but I would like to know what to expect for my family’s future. Will our disability pay (which pays our mortgage and not much else) stay the same? Will it go up? Will it go down?

Will the VA ‘denial of claims rate’ remain at 70-80%? (My husband has a ‘line of duty’ for TMJ (jaw pain), and corroborating civilian dentist reports, and yet has been denied through the VA three times) …. As is common all veterans. (I.e. 70-80% of claims are denied regardless of evidence)

Will it still take 2-5 years for an appeal to be decided? (My 10 year old will be in high school before they decide to acknowledge her daddy’s disabilities?).

Right now I feel like joining the army is = to throwing your family’s future away. (Which is sad…my husband and I are both very much pro military, and we were proud when he joined…now we feel like chumps). We feel bad as parents for sacrificing our children’s future (and childhood) for my husband’s military service.

My husband went into the military healthy, and came out broken. He went from making 12k a month with good insurance to ~1,800 a month with no insurance. In all honesty, I have become very jaded against our country…

What ARE Trumps plans for the VA system?

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