Put Us On the Road to Recovery

Harley Guy

Harley Guy

With Trump in the white house.

first off by removing and driving illegals out would open up jobs, clear our crowded er’s and hospitals dr. offices and schools then the jails and prisons. right now they cost billions just for taking care of their kids far more so than they could ever help.

something that also needs to be done with immigration,the employers need to take all the cost themselves,there is no reason and it hurts the country when someone imports cheap labor legally and we have to supplement their income with food stamps section 8 and medical coverage. that will have employers hiring citizens again when the cost of an import is higher than hiring citizens at a better wage.

also we need to stop letting in any and all public charges,no more importing of poverty for any reason.we cannot keep being the place where countries dump the unwanted poverty stricken and rob us to support.

also stop all travel here from pregnant tourists,that is done only to drop anchor and we have no reason to let that dirty practice go on.

there should be no programs that support immigrants of illegal aliens. all must bring a needed service that cannot be found in citizens.

now that would put us on the road to recovery when we tax the crap out of all imports, double or triple it on companies who left the USA and want to sell their products here. no NAFTA or TPP all deals need to be best for the USA instead of the deals that have hurt us.

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