Kellyanne Conway Is Making A Huge Mistake

True Blue

True Blue

Kellyanne Conway is making a HUGE mistake trying to educate Jennifer Palmieri or any other liberal Democrat. Let them believe they lost the election due to “white supremacy” and double down on their move to the far left. They’ll never win another election outside the coasts, and America will be better off for it.

Conway taught us an important lesson. When a loud mouth bully like Palmieri calls you a racist and you are offended by what she called you because you aren’t, you don’t sit there and take it like the left wants. You punch back against the bully. Moving forward, this is the lesson every good person on the right should have learned. Don’t take it. Fight back!

Calling people racist is just another form of bullying. That loud mouth Palmieri learned her lesson last night against a tough Irish-Italian daughter of a truck driver from Camden, NJ. Keep punching Conway!

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