House Rules

Your opinion matters, which is why this site was created. However, when utilizing your right to free speech please do so without the use of any racial, ethnic or discriminatory language against any nationality, race, religion or creed. Vulgarity and threats are also not acceptable and any posting which contains any of the above will be removed.

The Tell Mr. Trump website is not associated with President Trump or any political party or group, special interest or lobbyist and we welcome views from everyone who wants to be heard.

Anyone can register for free at and choose between a transparent registration or an anonymous registration. The vision behind is to create a mega town hall in a worldwide environment. People can speak out, utilize their right to freedom of speech and be heard and once heard have other people express their opinions on the subject matter being discussed. Once a posting reaches an approval rating of 60% or higher from reader and has been posted a minimum of 14 days those opinions will be forwarded directly to the President’s email from You don’t have to be a registered user to read any of the post and vote in agreement or disagreement with them.

Enjoy the site,

Daniel Weixeldorfer