Give Us Liberty from the Trump Regime

Well Well

Well Well

Americans now facing a fascist trump regime can only expect the worst for there country’s security with this fascist dictator in the W.H. Along with the snake Adolf Giuliani at the realm who push out the old mob, and put in the new
Mob on his criminal mafia fathers orders, and who was personally responsible for inciting the deaths of 3,000 humans
on Sept 11th, 2001. He will bring unspeakable fascist tyranny against the American people and ruin the civil liberty and rights of the American people.

This is truly 1933 all over again for the world and America as we know it. And the Nazi Trojan horse has been unleashed to take over America.

My fellow Americans you must protest and fight this Nazi take over of our country by the trump mafia
regime at all cost! Do not except surrender or the defeat.. Give us liberty! If not ?!?
Give the Rouge Nation of trumps Nazi Infiltrated America death. We the people can never stand united with the same evil Trump regime who has no what ever Respect for his own American citizens… He never did and he will never will.

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