America is a Nation Built by Immigrants

Jose Cuzo

Jose Cuzo

I am Puerto Rican… This is what I believe. America is a nation built by immigrants and that includes Donald Trump’s family. He acts like Americans were born Caucasians and he is spreading hate and dividing whatever small progress have been made as far as the race problem. It’s not perfect thanks for the efforts of men like Martin Luther King and others now all races can Vote, attend school together, eat in the same establishment, serve in the same Army, eat the same pie and take a dump in the same bathroom. I don’t care if you are white, black, Mexican, Asian or made of Marshmallows we shouldn’t allow this jackass to divide us.

A direct quote: They’re rapists. (Referring to Mexicans) And some, I assume, are good people.” So no other race of people have rapists? Funny coming from a man who had been accused of rape by his own wife. There are rapist everywhere and it has nothing to do with race. Hell there are uncles, fathers, stepfathers, brothers and even priest who have been accused of rape. That includes all races and within the United States.

What is his plan against immigration? “We have to build a wall. … Look, I build some of the greatest buildings in the world. Building a wall for me is easy. And it would be a wall. It would be a real wall. Not a wall that people walk over.” Yeah… You are building a wall and the Mexican cartel are building tunnels! They’re so good that they break people out of prison right under our noses. If bad people want to come to America they will come. Your wall is a waste of time and money.

All Donald Trump has done is showed the world how incredibly racist and hateful he is and made it harder for Latinos in America. A homeless man was beaten not long ago because he was homeless and Latino. That’s the reason the attackers gave. They even said: “It’s ok to beat on him because he was Hispanic and homeless. “Donald Trump is right” “All these immigrants need to be deported” My sister had an accident not long ago. The guy made an illegal turn. He was Caucasian in New York. The police got her information, the guy’s statement and gave my sister the cold shoulder after that. She doesn’t understand much English but what she heard she even said it back to me in perfect English “I hate these f*ck!ng Latinos” said the man.

The policeman, instead of remaining a firm professional officer of the law, he laughed and after talking for a bit longer he just got on his cop car and left. This happened to my sister. I wish I could of been there but sadly I’m in my homeland.

A lady in a plane had to leave her Spanish speaking mother board a plane alone because a woman felt offended at the mother’s inability to speak English. The back and forward went something like this: “We’re in America she should learn English.” What? The woman said “She doesn’t speak English because she lives in Venezuela and she doesn’t need it. Just like if you were to visit Venezuela you don’t need to learn Spanish because you wont be living in Venezuela.” The American lady took this as an insult and ripped the lady’s pass and then laughed before walking away.

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One thought on “America is a Nation Built by Immigrants

  1. Yes, America is after all just a country of immigrants. However, immigrants need to pay dues and fill out forms to be here now. It helps the economy.


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